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By Lot.

I am Lotte, a 26 year old from Belgium with a passion for creating ​content.

Let me create content for your brand if you want: high flexibility in ​your collaborations, unique & aesthetic content and your content ​delivered to you on time! A bonus: I can be funny and I am authentic.

Languages I'm fluent in: English & Dutch

Basic knowledge: French

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My Portfolio

Dutch - product demo

Unboxing video -

English voiceover

Product demo -

Dutch & voiceover

Product review

Airbnb - testimonial

Product review

Unboxing video

Product testimonial - ​English voiceover

Product demo

Product showcase

Unboxing video



Video content.

UGC photography.


I create content that can be utilized for ​paid advertising or organic purposes.

By collaborating we will brainstorm ​concepts. I develop scripts and deliver ​high-quality content which resonates ​with your target audience.

I specialize in creating photographs of ​your products that showcase their ​purpose and intended use. Each image is ​delivered to you edited.

I offer custom packages tailored to meet ​your specific needs and budget. Please ​don't hesitate to contact me to discuss ​your desired deliverables and to receive ​more information.

Contact me for rates, packages & other inquiries.

Brands I've worked with


User generated content is original, brand-specific content

created to post on the brand's social media or other channels.

Content can be: video's, images, reviews, etc.

      • 90% of consumers say authenticity is important when choosing ​brands.
      • 87% of brands choose UGC for authentic content.
      • UGC can save the brand the expense of a dedicated content ​producer

“Hiring UGC creators can provide brands with access to expertise, ​authenticity, efficiency, diversity, and flexibility that can help them ​create high-quality content that resonates with their audiences.”


If you have a project in mind or have ​any questions, please contact me.

Trough e-mail: or ​click

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